Dog Talk

Dog Talk

DOG TALK chronicles Harrison Forbes's life with dogs, from the first bond he formed as a boy with a Belgian Tervuren named Sabina, to the story of Lex, a police dog who attacked his owner's wife, and was redeemed by Harrison's intense love and respect for the breed. Forbes also offers practical aspects of understanding and dealing with whatever type of dog the reader may have. In DOG TALK, the pet owner will find fascinating insights into behavioral problems, as each chapter addresses a different situation or issue. Here are some of Harrison's trademark insights into dog behavior and training: *Energy management is the basis of behavior management : unwanted or aggressive behavior, is often the result of pent-up, frustrated energy *Dog behavior should always be taken in context; a dog that is housetrained in its home isn't necessarily so everywhere else *Every dog's make-up is individual and distinct--:a combination of nature and nurture *Non-verbal communication, structure and clearly delineated limits, and the human-canine bond are basic building blocks in a good relationship *Reasonable expectations are key to an enjoyable pet experience DOG TALK is at times funny, irreverent, insightful, and touching, and it will deepen the reader's understanding of dog behavior and as a result will enable him to approach his own dog in a fresh and motivated way to begin, improve, mend, or strengthen a relationship that can last a lifetime.

Publisher St. Martin's Press
Release Date
ISBN 1429953152
Pages 304 pages
Rating 4/5 (53 users)

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