Slide Rules

Slide Rules

A complete road map to creating successful technical presentations Planning a technical presentation can be tricky. Does the audience know your subject area? Will you need to translate concepts into terms they understand? What sort of visuals should you use? Will this set of bullets truly convey the information? What will your slides communicate to future users? Questions like these and countless others can overwhelm even the most savvy technical professionals. This full-color, highly visual work addresses the unique needs of technical communicators looking to break free of the bulleted slide paradigm. For those seeking to improve their presentations, the authors provide guidance on how to plan, organize, develop, and archive technical presentations. Drawing upon the latest research in cognitive science as well as years of experience teaching seasoned technical professionals, the authors cover a myriad of issues involved in the design of presentations, clearly explaining how to create slide decks that communicate critical technical information. Key features include: Innovative methods for archiving and documenting work through slides in the technical workplace Guidance on how to tailor presentations to diverse audiences, technical and nontechnical alike A plethora of color slides and visual examples illustrating various strategies and best practices Links to additional resources as well as slide examples to inspire on-the-job changes in presentation practices Slide Rules is a first-rate guide for practicing engineers, scientists, and technical specialists as well as anyone wishing to develop useful, engaging, and informative technical presentations in order to become an expert communicator. Find the authors at or on Facebook at: SlideRulesTAC

Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date
ISBN 1118002962
Pages 237 pages
Rating 4/5 (64 users)

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