The Essential Steps to a Rich Retirement

The Essential Steps to a Rich Retirement

Retirement Guide for Teachers, Professors, and Academic Administrators is an easy-to-follow, commonsense approach to retirement planning. Its practical, clear steps are basic building blocks for the future for people of any age and any profession, but Dr. Dennis J. Dunn has specifically tailored the book for teachers and others involved in the educational profession. Nonetheless, it is a general guide, which helps anyone with his or her retirement plans and dreams. It is a serious book, but it tries occasionally to be humorous by discussing the mistakes, pitfalls, and misinterpretations of retirement planning of a fictional character that Dr. Dunn created (Mr. Schitnihil), who appears whimsically at the end of each step or section to describe his experience, to offer advice, or to tell a joke or story--all for the purpose of serving as an example of what not to do. The book is divided into five chapters. The first chapter outlines the assumptions of the retirement guide. The second chapter discusses the preparatory steps that should be in place to develop an effective retirement approach and, ultimately, an enjoyable retirement. The third chapter takes up the strategies that young people should develop to prepare for retirement. The fourth chapter looks at the strategies for older persons. Naturally there is some overlap between chapters three and four. Chapter five explores the world of retirement: what to do and where to go. The end of the book has sections on additional reading and worksheets. Individuals are different, and their circumstances vary. The strategies that are described in this retirement guide are really only suggestions. Individuals can pick and choose from among them. In some cases, the steps are not dependent upon one another and thus can and often do stand alone, so it is not necessary to try to pursue all the listed approaches. In other cases, they are very much interrelated. For example, the guide stresses that saving is important. That activity can stand alone. The book also emphasizes that investing is critical, but it cautions that good investment is dependent upon prior study and research in order to ensure that your investment is protected and produces a profitable return. Retirement can be a joy and an opportunity to do what you have always wanted to try, from traveling to painting to gardening to golfing to singing to writing poetry. Plan properly and retirement will be the best time of your life. Failure to plan or to plan poorly will likely lead to disappointment and dependency. This books provides practical advice on retirement planning. It is based upon experience and it offers counsel to those who are just starting out in their profession, who are mid-way through their careers, who are on the verge of retiring, and, finally, who have retired. It is a wonderful, humorous primer that will introduce you to the world of an enjoyable retirement.

Publisher Xlibris Corporation
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ISBN 9780738825380
Pages 180 pages
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