The Oneness Circle Handbook

The Oneness Circle Handbook

The Oneness Circle Handbook offers a life-transforming journey filled with heart-felt connections. The Oneness Circle is a structured meeting of people who believe that all are part of the same energy called Oneness. Wanting to accept the highest and best in themselves and each other, members meet to share miracles, prompts and affirmations. The detailed structure within The Oneness Circle Handbook provides the agenda, the timeline of sharing, and the ten steps of expressing affirmations. These steps honor and celebrate the great wisdom within each person as members affirm their trust, connection and co-creation with Oneness energy. Sharing in the Oneness Circle with spiritual partners brings strength and confidence in the ability to hear the wisdom within and to follow its direction. Through the practice of listening to the inner voice and allowing it to blossom into expression, inner guidance flows creatively, lovingly, and powerfully. As members listen with open hearts to affirmations and then take turns echoing back the essence of each one, it is a moving experience for both the giver, the receiver, and all who are present. Empowering! Oneness Circle is an amazing practice for encouraging us to tune in and honor our intuitionto acknowledge and appreciate miracles and manifestations that occurall the while awakening to who we really are. Heather Popio, member of the Oneness Circle, pilot at a major airline. Study of Oneness principles opens minds. Living of Oneness principles opens hearts. Sharing of Oneness principles evolves the world. Vince Lisi, a Oneness participant, founder of Now Creations, MA in philosophy and theology, professor on faculties of philosophy and religious studies at Youngstown State University and Penn State University. Bravo for gifting us with a practical guide to co-creating spiritual community. Delivered with the open hearts of their own rich experience, this is a clear and concise template designed to deepen our spiritual connection to self and others. Jane Eckert, PHD. Counseling psychologist, life coach, energy practitioner. The Oneness Circle is a call to live our lives guided by our inner wisdom, and the practice of trusting its unique voice. An innovative group program designed to unfold our creative purpose. Maureen Sloan, CNP, RYT, Certified Nurse Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher

Publisher Balboa Press
Release Date
ISBN 1504345428
Pages 94 pages
Rating 4/5 (22 users)

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