We Don't Die

We Don't Die

We Don't Die: A Skeptics Discovery of Life After Death gives credible evidence of life after death. The goal of We Don't Die is to have people believe that their deceased loved ones are still near them, help them navigate through the grieving process and educate that we are eternal souls having a human experience. It is unique because it teaches people about the grieving process, keeping relationships whole, gives awe inspiring exercises that the reader experiences that we must be more than our bodies. It gets readers in touch with the purpose of their lives and gets them on the path to producing results. Readers will no longer fear death, their pain of losing someone will be lessened, they will have hope, faith, and powerful access to live a successful life.

Publisher Morgan James Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1614483833
Pages 304 pages
Rating 4/5 (30 users)

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